Come and join us experiencing the joy and peace canoeing our local rivers in wonderful rural settings.  

Available for 1/2 day or full day sessions.

Cost:  £30 per person

Transport included

Hill Walks & Map Reading

Explore and enjoy the wonderful Northumberland area.  Learning navigation skills on hills and low land moors.

Cost:  £30 per person

Transport included

Bushcraft & Cooking

Connect with nature enjoying the peace and tranquillity of a natural woodland. Cook your lunch over a open fire.  Learn to craft using a range of tools.

Cost: £30 per person

Transport included

Cycling & Mountain Biking

Take part in guided cycle rides and mountain biking.  Ranging from easy local cycle rides to rural mountain biking.

Bicycles and cycling equipment provided.

Cost:  £30 per person

   Transport included

Basic Bicycle Maintenance

Want to know how to look after your bicycles and save expensive service costs?  Learn the basics of bicycle maintenance and repairs.

All tools provided.

Cost £30 per person

Beginner Outdoor Photography

Want to take better photographs and understand how to use your camera or smart phone?  Take part in our guided outdoor photography sessions.

Cost: £30 per person

Transport included

Outdoor Activity Awards

See below our range of nationally recognised outdoor awards available to individuals and groups wishing to gain confidence in their ability, skills and certified recognition.

Canoe Explore Award 

Canoe Explore Award

Looking to hone in your skills before you head off on a paddle trail?  Develop your skills with the Explore Personal Performance Award, build your confidence and skills with the Explore award from the British Canoe Union.

What is the Explore award?

If you want to become independent on the water, go on self-guided adventures and know how to control your craft and stay safe on the water, this is the award for you.  In this award you will take ownership of your own decisions and learn to make confidence choices, based on the places you paddle, wind and weather.

Who is it for?

Anyone can take the Explore award. Designed to help you gain confidence on the water, it is aimed at any craft, age and ability.

What does it involve?

There’s a strong emphasis on independence with this award, and the Explore award will fill in the gaps of knowledge you might have so you can get out paddling safely on an adventure! The award covers areas like:

On the water etiquette and how to share the space with other water users

Different environments you can paddle (lakes, rivers, canals, estuaries)

Controlling your kayak, canoe or SUP safely

Clothing and equipment needs for different environments and weather

Safe exploration

What next?

Completed your Explore Award session? Great! You’re ready to get out and underake more river adventures with WinG Outdoor Activities! 

Cost:   £70 per person for 3 separate canoe sessions

Transport and all caneoing equipment provided.

Hill Skills Award       

A Hill Skills course is your key to getting started in countryside and moorland walking. No previous hill walking experience is required because the content of the course is aimed at beginners.  

The two courses in the Hill & Mountain Skills scheme are designed to provide progressive learning opportunities for new hill walkers. 

Courses are delivered by approved providers who will introduce you to the skills and techniques required to enjoy hill walking in your own time. You will have plenty of opportunities to practise these new skills as well as learning more about the environment and how to manage the risks associated with hill walking.

Courses include:

Walking skills – what things should you consider while out walking and what can make life easier (pace, nutrition, movement skills etc.). 

Clothing and equipment – being suitably dressed and equipped can make the difference between a great day out and a complete disaster. 

Weather – how it affects the hills and your day out. 

Navigation in the hills – everything from selecting a compass to navigation strategies and an intro to GPS. 

Environmental knowledge – how to minimise your impact on the hill and information on good practice and useful organisations. 

Hazards and emergency procedures in the hills – how to respond to any hazards you encounter and what to do in an emergency. Find a course

During a Hill Skills course, you can expect to start each day at about 9am. The first part of the course is spent indoors, getting to know the other people on the course and gaining an understanding of basic hill walking planning. Your experienced tutor will outline the plans for the course before you head out into the hills. The end of the day will usually involve a short indoor session to review the day and plan the following day's outing. 

You can expect to be out walking each day for around 4-5 hours and generally on Hill Skills courses this will be on footpaths or trails that are rough underfoot. Much of the journey during the course will involve learning opportunities and as such, the pace of the day is friendly and will include plenty of breaks.

Cost:  £70 per person includes certification fee

Transport and maps provided

Rock Skills Award

Rock Skills Award

Rock Skills Introduction courses are typically 1 day, although some providers may deliver the course over 2-3 days. 

Courses are delivered by approved providers from Mountain Training England.  We will introduce you to climbing in a supportive and encouraging environment, making sure you get the most out of the day.

Background and Planning. An awareness of the types of places you can climb in the UK and Ireland, how to use guidebooks and mobile devices to find crags and routes, crag etiquette and the work of the mountaineering councils. 

Climbing Skills. Fundamental movement skills and climbing styles. 

Footwear and Equipment. Footwear and equipment selection and how to use the kit you choose. 

Technical Skills. Tying into a harness, belaying, spotting and how to abseil. 

Environmental Knowledge. The impact of climbers at the crag, ethics, access and environmental considerations for climbers. 

Hazards and Emergency Procedures. Identifying hazards, managing risk, understanding common injuries, how to get help and the role of Mountain Rescue and associated emergency services.

Cost:  £70 per person includes certification fee

Transport and maps provided

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